“What I Learned from Falling on My Backside” could be the title of my memoirs, telling of my experiences as a competitive figure skater (ice and roller) and as an art teacher in the Fresno public school system.  I failed many times before succeeding. Even then, I sometimes lost when I deserved to win, and won when I did not deserve to, both of which taught me to strive for a sense of personal achievement rather than for glory.  This lesson served me well when I went back to school for an M.A. and invested time and effort in my drawing, painting, and sculpture.  Later experiences in the New Mexico art and theater world as actor, director and set designer had similar learning curves leading to accomplishment and enjoyment in those areas.  When faced with choices, I have learned to listen to my “inner voice.”  Travel with Phil in Europe, Asia, and the Americas has been an education as well as a pleasure.  We are slowing down and staying closer to home, but still enjoying Family, Friends, and Life.  

Photo by Ossy Werner (2000)

Untitled (late 1960s) - 19" x 19", graphite on gray paper